Christmas balls with logo

Exclusive engraved Personalized baubles with logo

The advantage of engraved glass Christmas baubles is their uniqueness. This is a method that we ourselves patented. The engraver allows you to make the inscription with millimeter accuracy. In this method, we can make company logos and Christmas ornaments as well. You can choose any size and color of the Christmas baubles, remembering that the engraving always will be silver. Glass baubles with engravers look very elegant. An exclusive Christmas bauble with a logo is a great idea for a unique gift. It can be also an advertising gadget that we give to employees or contractors during Christmas.

Custom Christmas baubles
Personalized Custom Christmas Baubles

Printed Christmas

baubles ornaments

Christmas baubles with colorful print is the most popular method for mapping the logo.
If the company’s logo looks best in color, we suggest this method. Every logo the customers desires we can make. Baubles with print are made by printing method. First we need a matrix, which we fill with paint. Then we transferred paint to Christmas baubles. Each matrix has an individual pattern, it is created specifically for a given project. Christmas baubles with a company logo are a great idea for a gift, or you can decorate them Christmas tree in the workplace.

Hand-decorated balls

We also produce beautiful decorated balls with the inscription of names or dedication. Our proposal is personalized Christmas ornaments, handmade gold or silver glitter. The variety and precision of design are delightful for the most demanding customers. The exclusive balls make Christmas  magical. So do not procrastinate and transfer you to the magical World of Christmas Balls.

Custom Christmas balls

Metal ball stand

Packages for Christmas balls ornaments

Promotional christmas ornaments

Ś is a manufacturer of glass Christmas balls with logo.
Christmas balls ornaments are made of top quality glass.
The products of our company are very popular with both individual and large companies.
We do our best to ensure that our products meet the requirements of our customers.
We make individual orders for balls from 1 piece. The products of our company are very popular with both individual and large companies. Every realization is a pleasure for us.
Christmas ball with the company logo are a perfect gift idea for customers, contractors or employees.

We offer:
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Trivia from the world of Christmas balls:
The origins of the production of glass balls dates back to 1847.
The first Christmas balls appeared in Poland in the 19th century. They were made from blown glass and initially imitated nuts and other fruit. Over time the design was enriched with balls in the shape of everyday objects, such as boots, umbrellas, musical instruments or animal forms. and clowns. Christmas tree toys were originally imported from abroad and their true depths were Nuremberg.