Engraved Christmas balls with logo

Thanks to the state-of-the-art technology and innovative patented method , which is engraving on glass Christmas balls . The effect is amazing!!!
We produce Christmas balls in selected colors.
We engrave everything, starting with dedication and festive graphics,
ending with detailed logs. The engraver allows you to make a string with millimeter accuracy.
Laser engraving is a unique and modern method of decorating Christmas balls. You can choose any size and color of the baubles, remembering that the engraving will always be in silver.
This is an excellent method if we want to present the company logo, put Christmas wishes, or Christmas graphics. We can also make a double-sided bait, on the one hand, place the company’s logo, on the other hand, wishes.
An interesting proposition will be to put on the Christmas baubles graphics such as Christmas tree, bell, Santa, stars, etc. Engraved ornament looks original and elegant, it can be a beautiful complement to Christmas wishes.
Such a Christmas ornament can give to employees, or other persons who want to show their memory. These can be contractors, suppliers, sales representatives, business partners, or just regular customers.
The engraved bauble with the logo preserves the company’s image, but it is also an original gift.


engraved balls with logo
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