Printed  Christmas Promotional baubles ornaments

Christmas baubles with colorful print are the most popular method for mapping the logo.
If the company’s logo looks best in color, we suggest this method.
Every logo the customer’s desires we can make. Baubles with print are made by the pad printing method. First, we need a matrix, which we fill with paint.
Then we transferred paint to Christmas balls. Each matrix has an individual pattern, it is created specifically for a given project.
Printed Christmas balls ornaments – This is an interesting proposition for companies in which color plays an important role in marketing activities.
But this is not the best choice for a multi-color logo, with more than 6 colors.
The best-printed baubles appear on bright baubles unless the print is white, then it looks good on a dark blue, bottle-green, or black bauble.
You can print not only logos or wishes but any graphics. Additionally, you can decorate the Christmas baubles with handmade glitter ornaments.
Our baubles look great on the stand. We can also pack them in a box, cellophane, and bow and create a beautifully wrapped gift.
The final look of the bauble will depend on you!
Christmas baubles with a company logo are a great idea for a gift, or you can decorate the Christmas tree in the workplace.

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